One for All Solution, for custom board games

Bet you never thought board games manufacturing could be so easy. We handle all of your quotation, artwork, sampling, production, outsourcing, and shipment & delivery needs.

Quickly navigate the costly and complex world of manufacturing with our one-stop solutions  – so you can enjoy making games!


Stress free, We’ll Handle Everything

No experience needed, our dedicated export will handle everything for you. As your manufacturing partner, Customedcards will provide unique services to meet the needs of your business.

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Free Design Consult

No matter you are making a game for your family or creating games for a business, we are ready to provide the industrial info. and necessary help for artwork and make the production more easier for you.

No q'ty is too small


No matter the size of your custom game order, you will get the best games and service at the prices to match. Even for prototyping samples, they will be made with the industrial materials and finishing. It’s a good way to test our quality and service. Why not have a try?

Total success

Production & outsourcing

It’s still be easy for you to process the production, and outsourcing with us. The quality control and monitoring is cross your fingers no matter where you are.

End-to-end delivery

End-to-end Delivery

Let us handle every step of your shipping your packaging order to ensure safe and on-time deliveries.   

Real one-stop solution

Safety Tests

All of our materials are confirmed to the safety requirements by the US and EU. We work with third-party labs to test games for all countries you need.

Get Excited to move

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

No matter what stage you are in, be free to ask any questions.


We'll answer and make plans for your games.

Innovative solutions will be made by removing your obstacles to growth.


Games on!

The best part is you can rest easy with 100% compliance and reliable manufacturing partner to handle everything and grow your business.

You ask, we answer

You may have many of other questions, pls contact us directly.

Yes. We make games for play testing and presentation to publishers.

Yes. We deliver games to Amazon directly. And we can have safety testing for you for CPC certificate.

Yes we have. But you always can have your custom sizes to make. The setup cost is low.

Looking for more solutions?

Contact our export now. You will get answers in short time.

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